10:30 AM Sundays

Our worship services are a blend contemporary and traditional.  ​​


Gospel Centered Worship

We, Hope of Glory Presbyterian Church,

want to be a Scripture Saturated, God-Centered, Christ Exalting, and Gospel Driven Church.

We want to see them in all our practices, far more in our worship service.

We want Gospel to be embedded in our worship liturgy (order of worship) as well

- not just in our songs or sermons.


Call to Worship
Adoration (Praise and Worship)



Affirmation of Faith (Apostle’s Creed or Westminster Confession of Faith)

Petition for Grace & Assurance of Grace




Song of Thanksgiving


Congregational Prayer



Scripture Reading (OT and NT)



Song of Response

Benediction & Charge

  1. Call to Worship

‘The Call to Worship’ is not simply the reading of a favorite text to set a holy “aura” for the service. It is the ‘CALL’ of God’s people to respond in worship to His goodness and greatness. It is the ‘CALL’ of people to gather, praise, adore, and give thanks etc. 

Psalm 30:4 4 Sing praises to the LORD, O you his saints, and give thanks to his holy name.  

Isaiah 12:5-6  5 "Sing praises to the LORD, for he has done gloriously; let this be made known in all the earth.  6 Shout, and sing for joy, O inhabitant of Zion, for great in your midst is the Holy One of Israel."


2. Adoration 

Facing the greatness of God causes believers to fall on their faces before him [Deut. 5:23-27; Isa. 6:5; Luke 5:8]


3. Affirmation of Faith [Apostle’s Creed, Ten Commandments, or WCF ]

This is to affirm and confess the Greatness of God and His Goodness and Grace according to the Scripture. 


4. Petition for Grace [Confession of Sin]

Putting the confession of Sin toward the beginning of worship service echoes Biblical teaching of humbling ourselves before approaching God. Former reformed Christians will do nothing before God without recognizing our need of him first.


The Confession of Sin is so important for right apprehension of the gospel. The Confession of Sin can be offered through silent individual prayer, unison reading of a historical or scriptural confession, responsive reading of a psalm, or the singing of a penitential hymn for sincere confession of their need of God’s grace. 


1. Scriptural Reading [Psalm 51:1-4]

Have mercy on me, O God, according to your steadfast love; according to your abundant mercy blot out my transgressions.  2 Wash me thoroughly from my iniquity, and cleanse me from my sin!  3 For I know my transgressions, and my sin is ever before me.  4 Against you, you only, have I sinned and done what is evil in your sight, so that you may be justified in your words and blameless in your judgment.


2. Prayer

Almighty God, our heavenly Father, we have sinned against you and against our neighbor, in thought and word and deed, in the evil we have done and in the good we have not done, through ignorance, through weakness, through our own deliberate fault. We are truly sorry and repent of all our sins. For the sake of your Son, Jesus Christ, who died for us, forgive us all that is past; and grant that we have serve You in newness of life. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.


3. Individual Prayer 


5. Grace Assurance

Psalm 103:8-12  8 The LORD is merciful and gracious, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love.  9 He will not always chide, nor will he keep his anger forever.  10 He does not deal with us according to our sins, nor repay us according to our iniquities.  11 For as high as the heavens are above the earth, so great is his steadfast love toward those who fear him;  12 as far as the east is from the west, so far does he remove our transgressions from us.


1 John 1:9  9 If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.


6. Offering and Hymn of Thanksgiving

Expression of gratitude for mercy through offering and songs


7. Intercessory (Congregational) Prayer  [1 Kings 8:22-61]

Prayer of thanksgiving & prayer for the offering and for the church


8. Scripture Reading, Prayer for Illumination, & Sermon

This is the time of instructions with God’s Word. It is to be reminded of God’s grace and to learn the whole counsel of God, who God is, and what He has done with applications of how we are called to live as the children of light. 


9. Responsive Song

Song of thanksgiving for His Holy Word and song of prayer for God’s help


10. Benediction

Numbers 6:22-27   22 The LORD spoke to Moses:  23 "Tell Aaron and his sons how you are to bless the Israelites. Say to them:  24 The LORD bless you and protect you;a  25 the LORD make His face shine on you, and be gracious to you;a  26 the LORD look with favor on you1 and give you peace.2a  27 In this way they will put1 My name on the Israelites, and I will bless them."


2 Corinthians 13:14  14 The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all.  

Christ-Centered Worship